Save on fuel

Save money at the pumps


  Fixed weekly pricing

  Average 5p per litre off pump pricing

  Valid at supermarkets, forecourt brands and motorway services

  No fees

  No Obligation to use

Value of this benefit

If you fill up just twice a week then we reckon you’re going to be saving an average of £300 over a year! 

Your fuel is a key business overhead, and other than keeping an eye out for the lowest price forecourt there's not much you can do. Well, we're here to help you.

We've partnered with The Fuel Card people to save you money on your petrol and diesel, without causing you any extra hassle, with an absolutely free, no obligation fuel card. Cards are valid at supermarket forecourts as well as the usually recognised brands, and fuel prices are fixed in advance for a week at a time.

There’s usually a saving of 4p per litre off pump prices and there are no management or transaction fees. You also get access to an online account platform - great if there’s more than one vehicle in your business.

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