Supermarket discounts

Save on all your normal household purchases


  Save up to 5% on your weekly shop

  Leading brands featured

  Pre-loaded cards means you can still collect your loyalty points

Value To You

If you're currently spending £100 per week then you'll save up to £250 a year through this benefit

Our day to day shopping is a simple fact of life and an essential part of everyday spending.

We're giving you the opportunity to save on this with a range of discounts across leading supermarket brands.

Typically saving 5% (but sometimes more) they're normally accessed through you setting up a dedicated card that you load up with funds as and when you need to, meaning you're always in control. It also means you can keep collecting your loyalty points as normal!  

It's as simple as that, you and your family can save money on the things you'd be buying anyway, form the stores you'd normally go to.

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